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Kok Chang is an island located at the east of Bangkok (about 200 to 300km). It's located about 65km off Chandapuri (a town famous for its gemstones). There is an airport at Trat that you can take a flight to, from there, you can go to the Kok Chang pier via taxi. You need to [...]

I have been travelling actively since 2005, especially to Thailand. Previously, whenever I was overseas, I put my Malaysian phone on roaming. And the phone bill used to cost me a bomb. In the past when I took leave and visit Thailand, between 9 to 16 days per visit, my local phone bill used to [...]

Amphawa district is located about 1.5hrs drive from Bangkok. It consists of lots of canals and surrounded by rivers. There is a river market located in the district. I am sorry as I do not know how to get there via public transportation, since on both the occassations I was taken there by my friend. [...]

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