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100 year old Market in Suphan Buri, Thailand

In Suphan Buri, there is a 100 year old market. It is unique in the sense that the old structure, ie old shophouses are purposely maintained. The market is opened from morning till evening. There are a blend of old and new things being sold in this market. You can all type of things from food, crafts, bags, clothes that you can find in a typical market here.

At the same time, you will be able to get a glimpse and taste on clothes and food by people living in Thailand more than 100 years ago. The picture on your left shows dishes that were being eaten by people about 100 years ago. But you seldom find it today being sold- there are also a variety of century old cookies, cakes and other delicacies, whose recipe were passed down from one generation to the other.

Clothings, similar to those worn by people about 100 years ago are also sold there. You may find the clothings a bit too old fashioned and simple for you to wear when going out but you would realise that these clothes from the materials and designs, are made mainly for comfort. If you want to look like someone who was from that era, you can have a black and white picture of you taken wearing old fashioned clothes, with your hairstype and the backdrop of your photo matching those times. Interesting right?

Above: Lots of foodstuff are sold there- the same type of food being eaten 100 years ago.


 Clothings- no doubt a lot of mass produced imports are there- there are some clothings that only worn by people of few hundred years ago.


 Craft items are available here as well.


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