Khao San Road

by Yin Teing on September 19, 2009


Top: Khao San road in the day.

There are many shops around Khao San area. Good for last minute shopping but if you have more time, you will get better rates for gifts you shop elsewhere in Bangkok. The roads are also wide and gives ample walking space and air (not as hot as Chinatown). Very relaxed atmosphere.




Left: Khao San road at night

At night, the area is truly alive with night life, roadside stalls, lots of things to eat and buy, fellow travellers like yourself whom you can meet and exchange news and travel tips.



There are a lot of foreigners who stay at Khao San road and every night, you will find peddlers selling all kinds of things. If you are a homesick traveller, you will meet many new friends here…




 Since Lonely Planet and some sites recommmend this book store (off Khao San road), I took a photo of this book store. Well, there are good variety of books sold here but I felt there are expensive. For instance, the second hand Sri Lanka footprint book cost about RM43- I got my firsthand book in Malaysia for about less than RM50 plus.


Lion dance show at Khao San

Lion dance show at Khao San

 In 2007, I happen to arrive on Cap Goh Mei- the last day of Chinese New Year. A Chinese association sponsored a lion dance. 


 Was watching the lion dance by myself- it was my first day arriving on Bangkok on my own and I really enjoyed the adventure.



I find at this position, the lion looks really cute :)

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