Lumbini Park

by Yin Teing on September 19, 2009

To get to Lumbini Park, you can take a Skytrain to Sala Daeng stop, then switch to MRT (get down and walk a distance to MRT station). Then take MRT to Lumbini Park. It will stop near Lumbini and Suan Lum Night Bazaar.


Well, for me, as we have many parks in Malaysia, I would prefer Malaysia parks because the jogging tracks of some parks are lined with abestos. Still, Lumbini is a relaxing place to unwind after a full day’s of walking.


I remember arriving there about 6pm in the evening. Suddenly, the national athem was played at sharp 6pm. Everyone stopped what they were doing- be it running, walking, eating or sitting – and all of them stood still in respect. I took the cue from them and did exactly the same.

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