Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

by Yin Teing on September 22, 2009


Wat Phra Doi Suthep is located up on the hills in Chiang Mai. From the base of the hills, you can rent truck taxis up.


Kruba SriWichai (1878-1938) is known as the Buddhist Saint of Northern Thailand. A life statue is built at the base of the hill to Wat Phra Suthep- Thais come from all over the country to pay respects to the Saint. You can buy the book on the life history of Kruba from Wat Phra Suthep for 100baht. It makes a very interesting read.


Golden Chedi or dome in the middle of the wat. If you like to, you can pay about 20baht to buy some lotus flowers, candles and jossticks. Then go around the golden chedi 3 times clockwise in a calm and relax manner. Afterwhich,  light your candles and jossticks, make a wish or prayer. And place your lotus flowers on the tray. 

Candles- can be used to signify light of wisdom

Jossticks- fragrance of Dhamma

Lotus- purity of heart rising above all inpurities. You see, the lotus flower grew from muddy ponds- and if such a beautiful flower can rise from mud, even so from bad circumstances, we can become good.


When you arrive at the Wat’s entrance, you need to pay about 50baht (foreigner rate) to take the elevator up. Otherwise, you will have to take about over 200 flight of stairs to go up (but still have to pay entrance fee).




 The moment you reach up, there are lots of flowers planted in the vicinity of the wat.


 Carving of a footprint of Buddha.


Bell donated by “Tampines Singapore”


Chiang Mai was having the haze problem when I was there in March 2007 (due to forest fire) so the photo taken is not so beautiful. On a clear day, the view of Chiang Mai taken from here is known to be spectacular.

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