The Streets of Nothaburi, Bangkok

by Yin Teing on September 27, 2009

Here are some snapsnots of the streets in Nothaburi:


This area is located on the northern side of Bangkok- even though there are the usual traffic jams, it is not as bad as other areas.

The Chao Phraya Express (river taxi service) stops at Nothaburi as its final stop as it travelled north.


In year 2007, I stayed briefly in Nothaburi- one day, I took a stroll from the place that I am staying and walked out to explore the streets nearby. The photo above is taken from the bridge.


Then I turned into a smaller street from the mainroad and walked around. There’s a temple on the left and shophouses on my right. It was about 6pm on a weekday and the shopowners were getting ready to close for the day.


Here’s a signboard but unfortunately I don’t know how to read Thai. If someone could translate for me, that’ll be nice :)


A girl exploring outside by herself. Normally kids in smaller areas are allowed to roam around as their parents are busy working. The small children will tag along with their parents if they are not babysitters- so these children learned to be independant from a young age. However, most of these children invaribly grow up taking after their parents’ footsteps- ie taking over their business, etc. Some lucky one will get themselves a decent education and break out from the poverty cycle.


Sometimes you can see people hauling elephants in the middle of the streets in Bangkok at night. These people sugar cane – for some people to buy to feed the animals. I see the handlers carry around a cresent shaped shape knife to poke these animals. Really feel sorry for them.  As this photo was taken, I finished my few kilometres of stroll and headed back to the home of my host.

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Waron S. July 5, 2011 at 6:03 pm

The translation for the sign is “Sorry for your convenience, the machine is operating(seem like the road is under construction), detour…”

Walking an elephant in the city is now illegal, they suppose to stay in the wild

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