A temple with a church design in Ayutthaya

by Yin Teing on October 21, 2009

There is an interesting monastery in Ayuthaya- outwardly, it has the design of a church:



But as soon as you walk into the hall,  the insides are still similar to a church…..


But in the middle, sits the Buddha image. And instead of the angels at the side, it is picture the Buddha’s disciples.  The stained glass and overall design is really creative.

If I am not mistaken, the name of the temple is Wat Suttakbawak (I spelled it directly from the Thai verbal pronounciation) located in Bang Pa Na.

It is also very peaceful to sit inside and do quiet contemplation.


This Buddha image seated below a Bodhi tree- I remember the tree is quite old but alas, I’ve forgotten to jot down the details.


The temple is located opposite the river- I think it’s the Royal temple, if I am not mistaken.  We look an overhanging platform like what you see in the picture below to get across.


Not many people seems to be aware of this place.

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