Wat Arun (view at day)

by Yin Teing on November 3, 2009


Here I come….. I went back to Wat Arun the next afternoon. I believe sometimes a strange connection to a place draws us back there.


Wat Arun may not have the same effect on you as I had on me. Here I am sharing based on my personal feeling about the place.


The walls are supported by Guardian Beings.


The entire walls are decorated with Chinese porcelin, recovered from Chinese ships that have sunken. 


The wall carvings are really impressive. I can’t imagine how much of porcelin they need to decorate the entire huge tower.


4 such similar stairways- visitors are not allowed to climb it. The structure reminds me of those Angkor structures. You can climb up most Angkor’s temples…. and I always have the urge to climb up such structures.

It’s windy and shady from where I sat and took this picture.


Every of the 4 small towers along the corners of the main tower carries carvings of the Buddha at various stages of his life. This is during his PariNibbana (passing away) with his disciples by his side.


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