Chinatown, Bangkok

by Yin Teing on November 21, 2009

Here are some snapshots of Chinatown located in Bangkok:


Also known as Yaowarat (local Thai language), this place is congested from day to night, including weekends and public holidays (even worse during non working hours because people will be visiting). You can get there from Chao Phraya Express or take a taxi.



 Here is an inner lane off the Chinatown- where you can buy all kinds of things- Chinese delicacies, dry food, Taoist prayer items, dumplings, roasted duck, etc from here.


 If you walk around, you will see many suppliers- lie the one above, selling plastic bags and stationeries at wholesale price (still have to bargain as the price tag on the items are higher and probably quoted as tourist price).  You will past by a number of these shops as you take a walk from the river pier (after taking the Chao Phraya express). 


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