Food and water in Chiang Mai International Airport

by Yin Teing on June 28, 2010

The 7 Eleven stores scattered almost everywhere in Thailand would be a good place to get some nice bread for you to take to the airport for you to eat if you are budget conscious of the price of food in the airport.

Usually in Chiang Mai airport, I would have my meal at Black Canyon Coffee- the place is located right before the international departure gate while waiting for my flight:


 There are some local dishes- this time, I ordered is their fried koay teow-  do note that this dish is sweet:


 And of course, I cannot resist- my latte. It cost me about 65 baht which is still cheaper than what I have to pay from Coffee Bean or Starbucks in Malaysia. And it comes with a small cup of biscuits.


Now as you know as airport rules, you cannot carry water with you at the final departure point. But if you are in the Chiang Mai airport, bring along an empty water container. You can fill your water at the water cooler at the waiting area of the departure gates. The water cooler is located outside the washroom:


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