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Cafe Amazon- delicious coffee and tea in Thailand

Cafe Amazon provide similar food and drinks like Starbucks and Coffee Bean but at half the price.

Usually when travelling along the highways in Thailand, there would be large petrol station stops in between which you would also find 7 Eleven, clean washrooms and occasionally Cafe Amazon.

Cafe Amazon does not have their own menu on paper- usually we need to look when ordering. I usually order hot latte as it is one of my favourite drinks.

They are also well known for their ice blended green tea.

However one thing- I find that their iced drinks have a lot of ice…. so much that there isn’t much drink actually. Still, my friends find their coffee nice and so no one seemed to mind.

The 7 Eleven and petrol station are operational 24 hours but Cafe Amazon would close quite early- if not mistaken by 7pm. Still, during long drives, the cafe does help to keep one awake.

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