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Snapshots of Phayao พะเยา province in Thailand

Phayao พะเยา is located on the northern side of Thailand. Usually you will pass by this quiet town on your way to Chiang Rai or the Myanmar border.

Phayao town in Thailand พะเยา

This is on the way arriving to the intersection of Phayao town. Folks from nearby villages will come to Phayao to do shopping and get supplies as there are bigger stores like Tesco Lotus here.

Phayao town in Thailand พะเยา

Phayao town bus station

Above: The Phayao bus station (Ha Rin Road, Tha Wang Thong , 56000 Phayao, Thailand) …where buses from other provinces arrive in Phayao as well as from Phayao to travel to other provinces.

Phayao town in Thailand - day market

Above: Phayao market- can be seen from the main road. Closes around 6pm

Phayao town in Thailand พะเยา

Above: The inner roads in Phayao town.

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