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Staying at Siam Cottage Bungalows at Koh Chang island

Where Did I Stay in Koh Chang island:

Siam Cottage Koh Chang island ThailandSiam Cottage Bangalows (500 baht per night) <<this is based on my stay there in 2007. The rate may have already been increased

Tel: +66 89 153 6664

49/2, Moo4 Kai Bae, Koh Chang Trad 23170.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/siamcottagekohchang

You cannot see it directly from the mainroad- but if you tell the sawngthaew driver, he would likely know where it is. The place has internet facililites, private beach and bar, food and drink. The food’s quite good and reasonably priced- looking at the fact that it’s a tourist island.

What we ordered (for 3persons): seafood fried rice (45 baht), tom yam, song tam, sukiyaki, 1 plate of rice with a meat dish, one plain rice, 1 plate of stir fried vege= total cost is less than 500baht.

Siam Cottage Koh Chang Thailand

SiamCottage5 Koh Chang Thailand

Not bad for 500 baht a night- a mini hut all to yourself 🙂

SiamCottage3 Koh Chang island Thailand

SiamCottage4 Koh Chang island Thailand

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