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Cafe Amazon provide similar food and drinks like Starbucks and Coffee Bean but at half the price. Usually when travelling along the highways in Thailand, there would be large petrol station stops in between which you would also find 7 Eleven, clean washrooms and occasionally Cafe Amazon. Cafe Amazon does not have their own menu [...]

Mae Salong is one of the beautiful scenic highlands in Thailand well known for its tea plantation and Yunan settlers. It is located near Chiang Rai and Mae Sai (the Thai-Burmese border). If you travel to Mae Salong, your trip will not be complete if you don’t make a stop at Sweet Mae Salong Café….especially [...]

When visiting Thailand, I always take buy coffee from roadside stalls like this: Sometimes the coffee or latte taste delicious, sometimes it's normal. But the price of a small cup of latte cost only between 20 to 35 baht.  Still, it is worth to try out. After I was staying in Thailand for a while [...]

As you travel around Thailand, you will see a lot of roadside peddlers selling coffee and tea. They sell the commercial Nescafe as well as the old version of coffee- that existed long before important coffee came by. A cup of the coffee/ tea cost between 10 to 20 baht. I normally buy from these [...]