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You can often obtain inexpensive acupressure and guasa (guadsa) tools from stores in Chatchuchak or malls. The tools are useful because it can provide a portable and instant pain and discomfort relief. Below are the acupressure and guasa (guadsa) tools that I had brought from my trips in Thailand: Let me describe each of the [...]

Wacoal is a well known brand producing lingerie and bras. It is also an excellent brand - as Wacoal bras are durable and last for a long time. In Malaysia and Singapore, the Wacoal bras are very expensive, retailing for more than RM100. However, if you visit shopping complex in Thailand such as BigC and [...]

Mae Sai แม่สาย is located in the border between Thailand and Myanmar. It is a very busy area due to a number of locals, Myanmar nationals and tourists visiting the area. Many tourists go to Mae Sai to do the 'border run' to extend their stay in Thailand for another 14 days. The scene is beautiful [...]

Note: Post below was originally published in year 2013. Today, most people who are using Smartphones (Android and iPhone) can easily enable Thai language in which you can select in your phone's virtual keypad. However for any reason you are not using Smartphones and prefer the old fashioned phone, then the phone model Nokia Asha [...]

There are a few Central Plaza shopping complexes set up throughout Thailand.  In Chiang Mai, it is located in about 5 minutes drive to Chiang Mai airport. There is one in Bangkok on the way to Survanabhumi airport. As well as one in Chiang Rai and Lampang. The article were written in 2012 (photos also [...]

Chiang Mai Chinatown and market is a huge area where you can get any type of food, clothings, flowers, supplies- lots of things to see and to buy at low prices. Along the roadside, you can visit the clothing and food stores, then as you venture inside, there is a huge market area selling local [...]

Lampang is known for its ceramic wares. Most of the ceramics used in many places in Thailand as well as some parts of the world are actually made in Lampang. Once a year, Lampang would held its annual ceramic fair which is usually held towards the end of the year. During that time, ceramic suppliers [...]

Most major shopping complexes in Thailand have food courts like the one at Central Plaza in Chiang Mai below: From there, you can go around, eat and drink to your heart's content. Usually, there are English food labels and the staff there would at least be able to speak a few words of English. Even [...]