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transport bangkok

I have traveled to Thailand many times for more than 10 years. Often we are in a group and it is more economical to employ the services of a van driver. Hopefully this information would be useful for those who are travelling to Thailand and looking for a van driver- as to ensure you may [...]

Hualampong railway station หัวลำโพง or officially known as Bangkok Railway station is the main train station connecting intercity and intercountry train services. Trains that ply north, northeast, south, east and to Malaysia (Butterworth) can be accessed through this station. Train schedule taken during my trip there a few years ago. Always check as their timings may [...]

Tuk tuk ตุ๊ก ๆ can be found in abundance within Bangkok and Ayutthaya. It has 3 wheels and sometimes can travel considerably faster than cars due to its smaller size- where the driver may attempt swirl in and out of traffic. As you can see above, the tuk tuk is not air conditioned. Travelling on the [...]

River taxis is one of the mode of transportation in Bangkok. You have to be careful though when getting on the river taxis because it will move before your feet is on the boat or before it is out- if you are not fast enough and took your own sweet time. Travelling using a river [...]