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The Night River Market of Amphawa ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา

Amphawa  อัมพวาdistrict is located about 1.5hrs drive from Bangkok. It consists of lots of canals and surrounded by rivers. There is a river market located in the district. I am sorry as I do not know how to get there via public transportation, since on both the occassations I was taken there by my friend.

An painted picture of the canal is found on the wall of a temple located near the Amphawa river market:

One thing I love about the river market is that it is not very commercialised as the place is mostly frequented by locals- even though locals like my friends will bring foreigners like us to have a look. As such, the price of food is reasonable. You can choose to eat your food at restaurants located near the riverside or you can choose to order food from the boats. The price of food is reasonable.

river boats selling food at Amphawa Thailand

river boats selling food at Amphawa Thailand

After that, I will strongly recommend that you go for a boat ride- cost about 500baht per boat (normally the boat leaves after they get 10 passengers). Go for the boat ride after the sun sets when it is dark as the journey will led you into a big circle, passing scenic temples, restaurants and forest mangrove in which you will see fireflies. On non windy nights, they light up the trees like little lightbulbs- the trees really look like Christmas trees in the dark. As it is very dark, our cameras are not able to capture the fireflies. The journey takes between 1 to 1.5hrs, depending how fast to boat goes in order to round the entire river canal.

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As normally it is quite late a night after we finished visiting the river market, we will sleep at Nara Court Hotel. The price is 500 baht per room for 2 persons. If you add a bed, it will be 600baht (extra charge for the bed). If there are 4 persons, it is more worthwhile to take 2 rooms. The sheets can be a bit unclean- but the room is clean with no funny smell and the bathroom is also clean.

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