20 baht stores- most items for only 20baht

Nowadays I am seeing more and more 20 baht stores. Where most (but not all) items are being sold for just merely 20 baht. These shops are mostly non air conditioned and located outside the premise of BigC and Lotus.

That’s cheap considering items at Daiso and Komonoya cost mostly 60 baht each.

In the past, the quality of items in such stores were mostly poor. Like, we get what we paid for.

However, I noticed, to my pleasant surprise the quality of items are almost or at par with usual stores or places like Daiso.

And they cost only 20 baht!

As mentioned, these stores usually do not have air condition. I have visited one located in a BigC ground floor parking lot. Whereas this particular store is located at the end of an open carpark in Tesco.

You can see there is a wide range of items available…. From plastic containers, gardening tools, simple kitchen ware, temple offering items to decorations, stationery, sewing products and toys. Hair products including scrunchies and even curling rolls are sold.

Due to a large variety of items with limited space, the merchandize are squeezed into the limited spacing available. In the picture below, the section contains stationery items.

As I love stationeries, you can imagine most of the items I bought are related to notebooks and stationeries.

My hauls from the 20 baht store:

Above are the stuff I got from a 20 baht store. All in I spent less than 400 baht in the store and have gotten a number of items I have REALLY like. In my favourite colour, hee hee.

They have diary looking books which at first I could not believe only cost 20 baht each. The thing is, it is not easy for me to find the cover in my favourite colour, lilac. Furthermore, the use of the book is more of scribbling ideas in my handwriting which is absolutely worse than chicken scratch. Hence I do not need an expensive book like a Moleskine.

But wrapped in the cover that I like, it makes a lot of difference. And the cover is relatively good quality and for merely 20 baht!

I was at B2S and Office Mate looking but could not find even though I was willing to pay more. I am glad I held it out and find what I want in a 20 baht store.

Other things I have gotten are purple hangers, which complete my collection of shades of purple hangers. I know it sounds childish but sometimes, we do not need expensive things to make us happy. I had bought 2 set of purple hangers of different shades from Lotus earlier. Each day when I wash clothes and hang them out to dry, it just make me happy seeing them in purple hangers. And to open my wardrobe to see my shades of purple hangers.

Other things are a clear pencil case, file folder, spectacle case, all in purple. As well as toothpicks, earbuds, sticky notes, miniature container to hold small items (like my mom’s medication and cream) as well as 3 notebooks (in pink shades). I have seen the exact same notebooks being sold for higher price at regular bookstores.

This is my expensive at a 20 baht store. Hopefully there would be more of such stores that sell things at such an affordable price.

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