7 Eleven convenience stores in Thailand

7 Eleven is found in literally every nook and cranny in Thailand. It is a frequently visited place amongst locals and tourists alike as you would be able to obtain food as well as daily use items.

7 Eleven stores in Thailand

Usually, we will visit 7 Eleven while making pit stops to refill petrol and to use the washroom. When I am arrive in Thailand, I would usually stop by at 7 Eleven to purchase some snacks and simple toiletries and daily use items such as shampoo, bathing soap, shampoo and cleanser as these items can be found in mini sizes.

7 Eleven stores in Thailand

Most of the 7 Eleven contained standard items so once you have gone to these stores a few times, you tend to know roughly what you can find from there. In the past when I going home and have no time to shop for any souvenirs, I would drop by a 7 Eleven stores and then buy snacks like those that you see above.

Yes, I know that we should not be eating so much of junk food but I find from experience that getting snacks is better than getting souvenirs such a mini bag or keychain as is quite common. Whereas simple snack food is something that people enjoy. If you are buying in large quantities, I would suggest visiting BigC or Makro if there is someone who is taking you there.

7 Eleven stores in Thailand

Another thing I really love about visiting 7 Eleven is the selection of their food such as burgers, sandwiches, sausages, microwave meals such as fried rice, spaghetti and noodles. All 7 Eleven in Thailand open 24 hours and chances are there would be a store located within walking distance from where you are staying. You would be able to get a hot meal anytime of the day.

7 Eleven stores in Thailand

There are also the self service drink counter where you can select from hot and cold drinks. They also sell pao and sausages – the sausages are delicious and my friends really love them.



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