7 Eleven- delicious freshly baked bread and pastries

In certain 7 Eleven outlets, they would feature freshly made Thai dishes with rice as well as freshly baked bread and pastries. Usually the outlet also serve freshly made coffee. I have always been impressed with the ingenuity and variety of items available in 7 Eleven. They constantly evolve to offer more food and products across all groups of people.

This 7 Eleven is located within a hospital. On weekends, a lot of the shops are closed and the 7 Eleven remains open to enable caregivers, nurses, doctors and other staff on duty to purchase the items that they need. I have also seen such product availability in other 7 Eleven stores located at areas with high foot traffic.

Below are freshly made meals that they introduced as well as delicious cheesy buns. They also have pizza available:

Then there is my favourite, their bakery section where they have various pastries, croissants, bread, doughnuts, cakes and brownies. The prices is slightly cheaper than those items sold in bakeries but the taste is as good as established bakeries.

The one thing is that the stock is fresh as 7 Eleven have their own procedures as how long the food can be kept on the shelf. If the food stuff are not sold within a stipulated period, they would be disposed off. This is more variety on top of their sandwiches and burgers.

View below for their selection of different type of croissants:

They also have cakes, doughnuts and muffins. As mentioned, these items are usually not kept on the shelf for long. I have bought from smaller bakeries where the cakes and muffins does not taste fresh. From their quality control, the food is usually fresh as I always see the staff doing stock check, removing old stocks and replenishing new stock.

Even though their store is located inside a hospital where they are fully dependant on customers from the hospital, the bakery shelf which is full in the morning is usually quite empty by night time. What I also like is they are opened long before any bakery is opened- I could show up at 6am to see shelves full of items as you see in this picture where I took it early in the morning.

Below are more pastry products:

I have been buying from them frequently. Below is one of the mornings where I bought the sausage bread (30 baht) and their mushroom filled pie with a cup of hot Latte (Kudsan brand cost 55 baht). The sausage bread is really delicious and the mushroom pie is as good as what I find in an established bakery.

Note: I frequent the 7 Eleven during my mom’s hospital stay. I have stayed in 2 hospitals and both also have 7 Eleven located within their premises. However, some 7 Eleven have more variety of items compared to others especially if it is within government hospitals as there are much more foot traffic. It is good to be able to get a hot meal or drink anytime of the day or to run down to get any items that I may need.

I also noticed if the 7 Eleven are located within hospitals, they would carry certain items that they know are required for hospital use like softeners, sprays, warm socks, garbage bags (to wrap diapers), diapers (adult and children), underwear, clothes peg, hangers, etc. At first, I did not understand why they have so many brand of softeners – but later I understand. For those staying in the hospital, some would be washing and drying their own clothes there. The clothes may smell if not washed clean (as most of the time it is simply washed and rinsed in the sink on a small plastic tub), hence the softener would come in handy.


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