7 Eleven Thailand- love the burgers, sandwiches and croissants

One of my favourite places to drop by when arriving in Thailand is the 7 Eleven stores.

7 Eleven stores are opened 24 hours a day and can be found in almost every nook and cranny in Thailand…. from the Bangkok town to smaller towns. And what I absolutely love is their burgers, croissants, sandwiches and danishes:

7 Eleven burgers

Photo credit: Jackie

When you buy the burger packs, you can request to have the burgers microwaved for you- it only take about a minute and you would have a hot delicious snack.

One of my favourite burger is the shrimp burger. I would get that with their tuna croissant. With a nice cup of coffee it would make a nice meal. It is what often accompanied me during long road trips and journey travelling from one town to another.

Many times when I am going back from Thailand, I would request to stop by 7 Eleven and buy the burgers there which is being heated up. I would then eat the burgers there while waiting to board the plane…. with a cup of coffee, usually from Amazon coffee.

A friend of mine loved the burgers so much that he would actually have a special cooling box, and he would buy the burgers in huge quantities (without being heated up) and check-in the burgers back to his home in Kota Kinabalu.

Below are some burger treats that I managed to get:

7 Eleven burgers

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