I have spent a considerable amount of time in Thailand and been to many towns there. Previously, I’ve included some trips and experience in my Life Blog. After some thought, I’ve decided to consolidate everything in a single site so that it will be more useful for visitors who specifically come to look for information about Thailand or travelling there.

What you can find on this site:

  • Life in Thailand
  • Snapshots of different towns in Thailand such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chandarapuri, Suphan Buri, Phayao, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, etc
  • Thai language, food and culture
  • Personal articles about experience in staying and travelling around Thailand.
  • Links to other sites and useful resources

The site will be developed in stages- starting from September 09 and I will continue to update it when the time permits.

Thailand is truly a beautiful city- this beautiful country have so much to offer to any visitor. No matter what is your preference, Thailand has everything you need- all you need to do is to know where to visit.

For instance, the highlands of Mae Salong has beautiful breathtaking view- tea plantation, hill tribes, temples- the scenery stretch for miles and miles- much like an European landscape

Many people have visited Phuket and Phi Phi island- but there is also Kok Chang, another island where you can rent your own motorbike and go round the island- it is about 3 hours from Bangkok near Chandarapuri

Kanchanapuri has some hidden waterfall- you can make a stopover, play at relax with the water gushing down your head

Sukho Thai has many ancient ruins, similar to Ayutthaya or even Angkor Wat of Cambodia. But travelling around Sukho Thai is considerably cooler because there are more trees- just that it is much further from Bangkok. You can rent a bicycle or motorbike and go around the area.

You may read in detail of what happened that motivated me to start my own travel blogs.

Another one of my travel blog is http://visit-malaysia.yinteing.com/

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