Amphawa- seafood and creative seafood souvenirs

Amphawa floating market is opened on weekends. Seafood are available in abundance and in a relatively affordable price. You can buy from stalls and eat as you walk along like the roasted oysters below:

BBQ oyster at Amphawa floating market

Or order from a boat and enjoy by sitting at the staircase towards the river:

Boats you can order from

The above are the boats which serve all types of food. You may try a little food from a particular stall, or order from the boat or from a shop. Most important, don’t visit Amphawa on a full stomach….

Amphawa- sitting down and eating by the river

Above are customers eating from make shift chairs and tables. The situation improved a lot now. 10 years ago, we actually had to either squad or sit on the stone steps to have our meals if we order from the boat.

There are also shops that serves seafood like this shop that has grilled fish, prawns, squid and also chicken:

Amphawa shop with grilled fish and prawns

Because Amphawa known for its seafood, they have also come out with souvenirs featuring seafood. Do take a look at the picture below….. do they look like fish or salted fish?

These are actually soft toys that are made to look like real cooked fish. Hmmm… on first glance, I would doubt that normal visitors would want to use this to decorate their homes.

But those who are in the business related to fish- such as seafood restaurants, or fish sellers would want to get their hands on this because they can basically hang these real life sized toys up without having them rot or stink. And while walking along Amphawa, I did see a stall selling BBQ fish had this up to attract customers to their store.

Toys that look like seafood

I also recalled seeing a stall in Central Plaza foodcourt that sells grilled fish having the above to be used as their store setup. Below are keychains of very realistic looking fried and salted fishes.


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