Arts and Crafts supplies in B2S bookstores

If you are a crafter or artist trying to look for materials for your work, you may visit B2S bookstores located at Central Plaza shopping complexes.

In certain B2S bookstore, such as the one in Pinklao, Bangkok, there is a large section reserved for just art and crafts supplies. I noticed other B2S bookstores, while not as big, still sell these supplies but the selection is more limited and not as comprehensive as the larger stores.

For the section above, it has all the materials for anyone interest to paint using any medium, example watercolour and oil paint.

There are various types of paper, canvas and materials that can be used for arts and craft work. From the professional artist/crafter to the weekend hobbyist, you can come and explore this place to find important art and crafts supplies of well known brands.

Above is where sewing supplies are sold, including sewing machines.

painting and colours for art in Thailand

Above are various kinds of paints, stencil, pens and pencils to be used for artwork, sketching and drawing.

Above are stickers and scrapbooking items.

Above are craft, buttons and sewing supplies. They can be used for family craft projects. Another place where sewing supplies and beads are available is Sampeng, located near Yaorawat (Bangkok’s Chinatown).

Above are collection of washi tapes, for those interested in scrapbooking and decorating their planners.

Arts and crafts are excellent habits to start especially from young as it helps to nurture the creativity within. Because I had affinity with crafts and had chosen to nurture it, it has opened up a whole new horizon for me. When I was young, I was actually hopeless in arts and could not grasp technology. But in the stress of studying for my pre university exams, in desperation I started doing crafts to take the pressure off. I continued the habit and crafting became my hobby and outlet to de-stress.

When the internet started to take off, I was amazed at crafters who build their own website to showcase their work and I started building mine. In the end, my interest moved to building website and writing which brought in opportunities in my career. My boss even custom made a position for me based on what I love to do because she recognized the need of that position in the industry.

In my personal life, I also started blogging. Even though now I have more interest in writing, but arts and crafts always hold a special place in my heart. And whenever I come across any places selling supplies, artists or crafters, I would write about them.

Therefore, if you or your child has that creative interest, please nurture it through arts and crafts. We would never know where it can lead us down the road. We would learn to be more in tune with ourselves, and be exceptional at what we are doing due to our ability to expand our mind and think out of the box.

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