A&W fastfood menu in Thailand

A&W is famous for their iconic rootbeer float. In Thailand, A&W sells burgers, fried chicken and incorporating dishes with the local Thai flavour in their offers.

Note: The menu below is taken as of October 2019 (please click on the menu to enlarge):

The set menu below consists of the main combo set of burger, waffle burger, rice dish and fried chicken combined with fries and root beer.

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu

Below is the snack combo with the choice of chicken stripe, nuggets, rolls or waffles with fries being combined with their root beer.

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu

Below are the ala carte menu with individual pricing of each items (click on the menu to enlarge):

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu

Below is their new offering that has been recently launched:

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu


A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu
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Note: A&W does not have many outlets in Thailand. The store above in fact is located in one of the larger Jiffy store in a PTT petrol station pump along Rama 2 highway. But the Facebook link below provided the location of the A&W outlets, which seemed to be located within the Central region: https://web.facebook.com/pg/awthai/locations/.

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