Beautiful Thai calendars available at bookstores

I always look forward to the end of the year to view the latest collection of Thai calendars that are on sale at bookstores. Below, are some calendars that are on sale at SE-Ed bookstores:

The above consist of calendars and planners. While below is more selection of calendars.

Thai Feng Shui calendar

Maybe such types of calendars have been on sale but I must admit it is the first time I have come across such a calendar. Actually I was not able to view the layout of the calendar before buying there is no display set. I bought based on the cover that appealed to me the most:

The calendar above cost 79 baht. The designs and pictures featured for each month is well done as shown below where each of the picture represent a month:

The layout of the month for example January 2022 (2565) are as follows:

I call it a feng shui type of calendar because it is similar to the Lilian Too and Joey Yap feng shui calendars that are being sold in Malaysia. I have seen the Joey Yap feng shui calendar being sold in Thailand as well in 2019. It contains what we can do (in green) and what we cannot do (in black) on a certain day. This calendar is catered more for Thai Buddhist and the Thai life.

Each month, there are different pictures being featured of Thai Buddhist practices or Thai places of worship. In the month of November 2022, it features Khao Kitchakut which is a very good and auspicious place to visit. I do not think it is really known to foreigners and usually as foreigners we would get to go if a Thai friend takes us there.

The mountain is very holy and each year it only opens for 60 days. Usually sometime in January till March. And to get there, it requires powerful pick up truck driven by very experienced drivers. The place is very holy and many people had experiences there. A friend of mine who indulged in not so wholesome lifestyle got a dream of someone telling her what she did and was warned to stop. I also had a dream and was told of my innermost habits that was being disapproved upon.

Last time, there used to be a lot of stores open up in the hill selling food, drinks and souvenirs. I heard that now, there are no more of such stores and visitors need to bring their own water.

So yeah, in Thailand there are many interesting places to visit and it is good especially for non touristy places being featured so that more people are aware of the places.

It selecting a calendar, I always made sure that there is sufficient area for me to write my appointments and important reminders. This would be the calendar I would be using for this year.

The calendar also provide next year’s dates at a glance:


Thai Calendar with Thai numbers (๐, ๑, ๒, ๓, ๔, ๕, ๖, ๗, ๘, ๙.)

When I was still travelling to Thailand (prior to moving here), I always look forward to buying the Thai calendar with Thai numerals. It is a calendar featuring the famous late monk,  Venerable Buddhadasa of Suan Mokh. The calendar is on sale widely at bookstores such as SE-ED and B2S.

However as bookstores only carry calendars till sometime in February of each year, if you are interested or from another country, you can check the Facebook page and ask for the calendar.

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