Beautiful wall art in Survanabhumi airport

Recently while travelling to Survanabhumi airport in Bangkok, I am amazed at display of wall art depicting the heavens. It is even more elaborate at the luggage collection section (after going through Immigration) where the art occupies the entire wall:

Survanabhumi airport art at luggage collection section

Most of the art is based on the theme of heavenly abodes and guardians. The drawings are in a similar style to those of Acharn Chalermchai of Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai whose work I greatly admire.

Next time when you are at the airport collecting your luggage, waiting anxiously for your luggage to appear, why not relax and take some time to admire the art on the walls.

Survanabhumi airport art at luggage collection section


The above is an example of a heavenly abode.

The paintings may look abstract but they have their story and reasoning behind.

Above is the sacred heavenly white elephant, travelling along with devas.

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