B’Me more affordable brand by Wacoal

In Thailand, the Wacoal brand also have another branch of products call the B’me brand where lingerie and underwear are being sold. The items are priced lower than the Wacoal brand.

Recently I have wanted to get some Wacoal bras and through some recommendation, visited a boutique that sells mostly underwear from Wacoal and B’Me brand. The B’Me have a website https://www.bme.co.th/en?tid=15 which sells the bras online. When it comes to buying bras, I would always recommend you try it on first. The outlet I went was located in Lotus Salaya and it did not upfront mentioned “B’Me” or “Wacoal”. The name is His & Her:

Wacoal B'Me outlet in Thailand

Prior to that, I went to Central Robinson and noted that despite on sales, their bras (I was looking for something comfortable without underwire and lace) cost about 900 baht. However, it is noted that the deals are usually better during year end especially in the month of December.

As usual, when you visit any boutiques that sell Wacoal bras, you can expect their salesgirl to be knowledgeable. They would definitely take your measurements and from there, pick up the size for you. However, what I know from wearing Wacoal bras (I need not buy often because one bra can last for years) is that it is best you try it because different design have different cutting. After trying it, if you are not sure, you can call the salesgirl in to help you evaluate if it is the correct size. The bras are not cheap, you need to ensure you are buying in the correct size and fit.

B'Me by Wacoal in Thailand

Wacoal bras in Thailand

I was happy as I found two Wacoal bras that are really comfortable in their design. I have tried some from the B’Me brand which cost about 100 baht less than the Wacoal bra. The B’Me bras are comfortable but in terms of personal fitting, I prefer the Wacoal bras. Each of the bras cost 595 baht which I know I can never get that pricing for the type of bra that I want in Malaysia or Singapore even with sales.

With this new discovery, well, next time you may try buying Wacoal bras from a boutique that you can see obviously selling Wacoal or B’Me brand. Who knows, you may be able to get a good price. I would provide the address of the store that I went in case you happen to be near the area:

His & Her Boutique (located near the Tesco Food court)
Tesco Lotus Salaya เทสโก้โลตัสศาลายา
99/14 Moo 1 Bang Toei, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom, 73110, Nakhon Pathom

Do note that both Wacoal and B’Me have their own online store in Shopee as well:

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