Morning Chanting

In Thai temples, the monks would chant the morning chanting/morning service before going for almsround. With the availability of chanting both in video and transcripts, it is easy for us to learn the chanting.

The morning chanting which I have been taught contained the following. This can be chanted by lay persons at home each morning:

  • PART A: The Standard Morning Chanting
  • PART B: Buddha Jaya Mangala Gatha
  • PART C: Ovadapatimokkha
  • PART D: Transference of merits
  • PART E: Loving kindness and taking leave

I have compiled the resources available from the internet. For those who are interested, you can learn to chant with the help of the transcript and videos. I have created a playlist for the list of videos below to enable you to play the videos continuously and in sequence.

PART A: The Standard Morning Chanting


This consist of the following sections:

  • Buddhābhithutiṁ (Praise for the Buddha)
  • Dhammābhithutiṁ (Praise for the Dhamma)
  • Saṅghābhithutiṁ (Praise for the Saṅgha)
  • Salutation to the Triple Gem & The Topics for Chastened Dispassion

PART B: Buddha Jaya Mangala Gatha

This is the chant containing the Buddha’s auspicious victories.

VIEW TRANSCRIPT: Jaya Mangala Gatha & Jaya Paritta (please note it is preceeded by Namo Tassa and Buddham Saranam Gachami)

PART C: Ovadapatimokkha


Note: The video above contains translation in Thai.

PART D: Transference of merits

There are 2 chants for transference of merits that is chanted at the end of the morning chanting.

  1. Sabba-patti-dāna Gāthā


2. Devatādipattidāna Gāthā | Dedication of Merit to the Devas & Others


PART E: The Sublime Attitudes & Taking leave


(you can hear the audio from 0.31 to 0:58)

Araham Samma Sambuddho Bhagava Buddham Bhagavantam Abhivademi
Svakkhato Bhagavata Dhammo Dhammam Namasami
Supatti Panno Bhagavato SavakaSangho Sangham Namami .

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