Bulk toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste from Makro


From where I came from, most of the favourite brands of toiletries that we are using such as Head & Shoulders, Lux and Nivea are manufactured in Thailand. Therefore, if you are buying these items, it is cheaper to get from Thailand than from other countries.

Makro hypermarket chain in Thailand is frequented by Thais who wished to purchase items in bulk. Makro sells literally all types of products but in this article, we would feature the toiletries.

Makro Thailand- bulk toiletries

Many small business owners would also come here to obtain their stocks to be sold at their shops. Above are offer that Makro happened to be having.

Makro Thailand- bulk toiletries

Above are the toothpaste of different brands that are available in bulk.

Makro Thailand- Prickle Heat powder

The Prickly Heat Snake brand talcum powder is well known as the powder has a bit of tingly feeling when applied. In overseas, the powder is much more expensive. However in Thailand, the price is reasonably cheap.

If you wish to get a bulk of the powder, the best place I could think of is buying from Makro as you can see above they sell in bulk.

Makro Thailand- bulk toiletries

There are also body shampoo and body lotion which are sold in bulk and come in smaller packaging. Below is yet another offer that Makro happened to have.

Makro Thailand- bulk toiletries

Personally I use the Nivea brand face wash which I get for a set of 3 from Makro at a lower price compared to 7 Eleven. I used to use Head and Shoulders shampoo but have recently changed to the Feather brand which is much more inexpensive and more suited to me.

You can search out the available outlets of Makro in Thailand through their official website at https://www.siammakro.co.th/en/. Their stores are usually open till 10pm.

Do note that unlike other hypermarkets, Makro does not provide plastic bags to put your items since the items are bought in bulk. Makro usually allow their customers to store the items in the used cardbox boxes (used to store the merchandise). Most customers would purchase these items and then load it into their car via the trolley. If you are travelling using public transport, please get ready your own recycle bags or else you would face difficulty carrying the items back.


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