Buy prepacked food seasoning of your favourite Thai dishes

If there are any dishes that you love in Thailand, you can consider buying their prepacked food seasonings back home. They have seasonings for a large number of their dishes such as fried noodles/fried rice, green curry, khao mu (pork knuckle), char siew, marinated chicken sauce, etc.

Thai food seasonings

If you know you are going to miss your favourite Thai dishes after leave the country, it is not a bad idea to buy a few packs of these sauces to make your own dishes at home. These packs are not expensive if you buy from Thailand (because in overseas, these would be available under the ‘gourmet’ section where it is really expensive).

Of course if you go to YouTube you can find detailed videos showing you how to make your favourite Thai dishes. The problem is….the availability of ingredients. It is not easy to find the specific spices and condiments that goes into making these dishes in one’s home country.

Thai food seasonings

These premixed flavouring can be found in Tesco, BigC, Tops, CJ and Makro in Thailand.

It is not the usual touristy recommendations – but I recommend from my personal experience. Being a far less than perfect cook, when it comes to cooking dishes such as curry that if done manually requires lots of ingredients and preparation…..I would rather just get the ready made paste which most probably would taste better.


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