Buy Wacoal Bras at much cheaper price when visiting Thailand

Wacoal is a well known brand producing lingerie and bras. It is also an excellent brand – as Wacoal bras are durable and last for a long time.

In Malaysia and Singapore, the Wacoal bras are very expensive, retailing for more than RM100. However, if you visit shopping complex in Thailand such as BigC and even Robinson, the bras are sold at a much more lower price.

Reason is because one of the Wacoal manufacturing plants (or the only one?) is located in Thailand.

Especially now as it is nearly year end, it is good to take advantage of the year end sales to get even cheaper discounts. My Singaporean female friends go a little crazy on Wacoal bra shopping sprees when they visit Thailand, easily buying up to 6 bras per person.

Wacoal bra in Thailand

Above: Wacoal bras sold at Central Departmental store in Thailand.

Big C in Thailand

Above: Wacoal bras sold in BigC Superstores in Thailand– where it is more of self service.

Why I think Wacoal bra is good value for money

From young, even though we are not rich, my mom always invest in good bras for me. She used to buy Truimph bras but I did not really find them really durable.

When I first started working, a colleague recommended Wacoal bra as she said the bra has a good fitting. I went over to Isetan to try and ended up buying a few and never looked back.

One good thing is that most of the Wacoal salespersons are trained to offer personalized services- however this only can be found at shopping complex such as Isetan or Robinson. Also I noticed at least there are one English speaking staff there.

If you are buying from a hypermarket like BigC or Tesco Lotus you are pretty much on your own and need to try out and figure out.

When you are unsure of the fitting, buy from an established department store so that there is a saleslady who can you…. of course you would need to let her into the changing room for her to explain to you. Also, if you are a particular cup size, it may be different if you are trying another design so it is best to get advise. I’ve gotten useful advise and tips from Wacoal salespersons over the years.

If you have a particular budget in mind, inform her honestly for if not, she may just pick up some expensive ones for you.

I once took an overseas friend to purchase a Wacoal bra and she mentioned to me that it is very durable and the bra is still in good condition after 3 years of wearing.

Do note that Wacoal also have a sister brand known as B’Me which the pricing are slightly lower.

Care for bras

Generally if you want your bra to last longer, do not dump the bras in a washing machine. They are best hand washed and when you fold, fold it in a way you see how bras are folded in shopping malls. Yes, it will occupy more space but it will make the bra last longer.

When sleeping, avoid wearing wire bras since there are many links to wearing wired bras and cancer. You may go without a bra or use one that has no underwire. Personally I have 2 set of bras- those with wires and those without.

Those with wire are worn when I am going out.

Those without underwire are worn at home. Some of my friends would only have wire bras would just unbuckle them when sleeping….however I find it a little uncomfortable.

Note: Wacoal also have their online store* in Shopee TH.

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