Cafe Amazon Thailand- menu and pricing

Cafe Amazon is a very popular cafe chain in Thailand. There are many branches, many of which could be found within large petrol station stops. Cafe Amazon provide similar food and drinks like Starbucks and Coffee Bean but at half the price.

Below is the menu and pricing of coffee and tea in Cafe Amazon with picture taken as of April 2019 (click on the menu to enlarge the size):

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

Aside from selling purely coffee or tea, there are also smoothies, chocolate and milk for those non caffeine addicts out there.

Most of the Amazon outlets located within petrol stops in Thailand would have the design of a lot of foliage surrounding the cafe:

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

The stop above is located in Singburi, if I am not mistaken and it is a bigger and wheelchair friendly outlet. Most of the smaller Amazon outlets- you would need to access via the staircase. Still, the greenery makes it relaxing while enjoying your cuppa.

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

Aside from just drinks, the outlets do stock up additional items like cakes, muffins, sandwiches, brownies and biscuits. But then again, some outlets would have more stock while some, with limited choices.

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

They also carry their merchandise like mugs and food with their own branding.

Cafe Amazon Thailand Coffee Menu

Like some other coffee outlets, if you purchase their Tumbler, there would be a discount on your drink…. but only if you use the Amazon tumbler. You cannot take in a Starbucks cup and get a discount on your drinks.

From experience in visiting a number of Amazon outlets, there is not a 100% consistency ….but you can expect a certain kind of standard when buying their coffee. One thing though I don’t really favour is that they tend to bulk up on the ice. For example when I order iced latte, my cup is mostly filled with ice. The volume of the coffee is very little hence if I drink it immediately before the ice melted, I would finish the drink very fast. I have ordered their ice blended latte at one of their outlet and find that there is too much ice which made the taste a little bland.

Still, I usually would stick to the hot latte (unless the weather is too hot that I just need some ice) and I have not been let down before in terms of the taste.

Their outlets usually close early- between 7pm to 8pm depending on area and the store. So if you arrive too late while at highways, well, you would need to be contented with the take away coffee from 7 Eleven.

You can also reach the Cafe Amazon contact information as per below:

Cafe Amazon official Facebook page:
Cafe Amazon website:
Cafe Amazon telephone number: 1365

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2 thoughts on “Cafe Amazon Thailand- menu and pricing”

  1. I saw a photo and comment by a facebook person of a amazon paper cup of coffee 3/4 full. Is this normal?

    I buy the larger cup for 55 baht and the cup is normally full and sometimes a bit less.

    I am curious.


    1. Hi Bob,
      By paper cup, I think you meant for hot beverage. I usually order hot latte from Amazon as well as other coffee houses in Thailand. Yes, I do notice the cup is 3/4 full. It is not only Amazon Cafe but in most cafes across Thailand. Amazon also usually put a lot of ice for cold beverages. If you ask for less ice, then the cup is also 3/4 full. It is good you usually get your cup full. Perhaps you are a regular in that shop and the staff is already familiar with you?

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