Thai Calendar with Thai numbers as dates ๑, ๒, ๓ | Year 2024/ Thai year 2567

Instead of having 1,2,3…. as numeral dates, there is a desktop calendar that contains Thai numerals of ๐, ๑, ๒, ๓, ๔, ๕, ๖, ๗, ๘, ๙. I have bought this calendar in past years. I used the calendar as my desktop calendar and use it to motivate me to learn to remember the Thai numerals.

Also, it looked kinda cool when you have a unique calendar where the dates does not appear in the usual numbers that we are used to. The calendar, like all standard Thai calendars, contains the Buddhist observation dates known as Wan Phra in Thailand.

I noticed from the Facebook page that the 2024 calendar has already been out and is on sale. Usually the calendar would come in a different colour and this year it is in red colour. Hence, I wish to write this article and do a video because who knows, there may be non Thais like me who are looking for a calendar like this…. unique and different from other calendars out there. I have written a few of these posts in past years.

Here is short video I have done on the calendar:


How to purchase the calendar:

The calendar is usually up for sale at major bookstores in Thailand such as B2S and SE-ED. In the past, I have bought the calendar from bookstore in Survanabhumi airport. However, these calendars are only on sale each year starting from around October/November to February of each year. After the duration, as in standard practice, all the calendars and diaries would be sent back to the manufacturers.

If you really wish to buy the calendar, you may request a friend to help you to buy if they happen to visit Thailand during that time (October to February) to buy from the bookstore in the airport or at bookstore outlets in Thailand.

If it is out of that duration, you can still try to make inquiries via the Facebook page below:

Facebook page: SukkhapabjaiPUB ( ) or booktimeTH
Tel: 0864151212
Line: @booktime

Note: I have tried calling the number but the lady who picked up could only converse in Thai and not English. She mentioned that a message can be sent to the Facebook page listed above and message can be sent in English. At the moment they do not handle overseas delivery but if there is bulk order, it can be considered, however she advised to send a private message in the Facebook page (SukkhapabjaiPUB).

About Ajahn Buddhadasa

The venerable monk who is being featured each year in the calendar is the late Ajahn Buddhadasa. During his lifetime, he has attracted many disciples and students from all over the world who travel to his monastery in Suan Mokh. His profound teachings are published in books for free distribution that are translated into various languages. You may visit the website to read the books which are available for free:

I have written further articles related to learning Thai language which you can check out from this link: Thai language main page.


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