Crafts and artists in Amphawa floating market in Thailand

Amphawa floating market, Thailand

If you are a crafter or artist at heart, you would like the Amphawa floating market which is located about 1.5 hours from Bangkok in Thailand. The floating market has expanded tremendously over the years….stretching further into the shops and walkways. It is also a place for artists, crafters and creative entrepreneurs to showcase their [...]

Paying respect at Wat Bangkung (near Amphawa)

Wat Bangkung Samut Songkram near Amphawa

When I visited Wat Bang Kung (วัดบางกุ้ง) a few months ago, I am surprised that the temple is now much more crowded compared to 10 years ago. Vans and cars with foreigners speaking my dialect (Cantonese) in a small province (Samut Songkram) to visit the temple. If you are just tagging along because you wanted [...]

Amphawa- seafood and creative seafood souvenirs

Amphawa shop with grilled fish and prawns

Amphawa floating market is opened on weekends. Seafood are available in abundance and in a relatively affordable price. You can buy from stalls and eat as you walk along like the roasted oysters below: Or order from a boat and enjoy by sitting at the staircase towards the river: The above are the boats which [...]

Art Gallery of Vinit Jittana (talented and generous artist)

Vinit Jittana the artist in Amphawa floating market

Tucked along one of the sidelanes of the Amphawa floating market facing the river there is an art gallery by the artist Vinit Jittana. The artist himself was painting in the gallery when we entered the gallery. He looked up as I was about to take his photo, gave me a smile and continued on [...]

The Night River Market of Amphawa ตลาดน้ำอัมพวา

Post updated in December 2019 by Alloa Chai Amphawa อัมพวา district is located about 1.5hrs drive from Bangkok. It consists of lots of canals and surrounded by rivers. It is only open on weekends, that is Saturday and Sunday. When I first started to visit Amphawa more than 10 years ago, the floating market was [...]