Why I come to Thailand

I did not come to Thailand because of the food, touristy places, night life, culture or just because. I come to Thailand to pursue my spiritual cultivation. Beneath the surface, the practice of Buddhism at its purest exist in Thailand. And that is what I have discovered that prompted me to return to Thailand again [...]

Self Practice during Wesak (Visakha) Day

Visakha Bucha or Wesak Day will fall on Wednesday, 26 May 2021. This method is taught by my teacher as one of the ways a Buddhist can choose to perform self practice on Visakha Bucha day. This is especially so as it is more convenient for one to stay at home to practice. It is [...]

Buddhist Observance Dates (Uposatha days) for 2021 (Thai year 2564)

Introduction on Buddhist Observation Days The Observance Days are based on the traditional Buddhist calendar of new, full and quarter moons. During new and full moon days, or Uposatha Days, monks would gather to listen to the recitation of the Patimokkha rules. The weekly observance of the quarter moon is when lay devotees gather in [...]

Kathina Robes and Requisites offering

Each year, Asalha Puja day would be held the day before the entering of the Rains Retreat. Asalha Puja (also known as Asalha Bucha) is a public holiday in Thailand and usually falls in the full moon of the month of July. The Buddhist hold this day in special significance because it is the day [...]

Do and Don’ts when you see a Monk in Thailand

Do and Don't when see a monk in Thailand

You would see monks in saffron robes in many places where travelling in Thailand. As monks have to observe 227 precepts which is known as Vinaya, there are many things that if done unknowingly may cause a monk to break his precepts or affect him in practice. As a tourist visiting the place, you may [...]

Westerners who became Buddhist monks and teachers

Ajahn Thanissaro (Ajaan Geoff)

The teachings of Thai Buddhism, specifically Thai forest tradition became known to the English speaking worlds through the Westerners who became monks and practiced in Thailand. I started travelling to Thailand in 2004 in search for answers in life through the Buddhist teachings after reading the translations of famous Buddhist monks teachings thanks to Buddhist [...]