Handicrafts and souvenirs of the hill tribes in Thailand

Hill tribes craft in Thailand

While making a stop in a rest area in Phitsanulok, I came across a shop that sells clothes, souvenirs and craft items from the various hill tribes people in Thailand. You would be able to find more and more of these items being sold as you head towards the Northern part of Thailand. A lot of [...]

Outdoor and home decorative items at DoHome Thailand

If you are looking for decorative items (mass produced ones) for either outdoor or indoor, you can consider visiting a DoHome store.  Usually customers would visit DoHome mainly to purchase materials for gardening, building, furniture, construction and electrical appliances. However, I do notice that DoHome also have a huge selection of decorative items both for [...]

Where to get crafts and sewing supplies in Bangkok

Bangkok sewing beads craft supplier

If you are looking for a place where you can find sewing and craft supplies such as ribbons, beads, zippers, buttons, cloth, bags and other items in wholesale prices, there is a place in Bangkok where a number of such shops are located. The place is known as Sampeng located not far from Yaowarat (Bangkok [...]

Outdoor stone tables and seats with creative designs

Outdoor Stone tables and chairs

It is quite common when going around you would see outdoor stone tables and stools that comes in interesting designs. Usually I would see those that are painted in watermelon design as showm below: But they also have the checkerboard (where you can play chess on it) and other designs. I’ve noticed a shop that [...]

Miniature Handcrafted Noodle Stall sold at Chatuchak

Below is a nice stall selling dumplings and ‘siew mai’. Where you think the photo was taken? Is the setting above nice? Complete with the coca cola fridge? Actually if you were to look closely this is a miniature hand crafted stall. The noodles, meat, dumplings and pushcart are all handcrafted as miniature version. So [...]

Pratunam Market ประตูน้ำ in Bangkok

If you are looking for hotel locations, I would strongly suggest that you try to find a hotel in Pratunam ประตูน้ำ area. This is because by staying at a hotel near there, there are lots of shopping places you can visit within walking distance… such as Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza and Platinum Mall. You also [...]