Mooncakes Sold in Thailand

Mooncake Festival is celebrated in the Chinese community in Thailand. Overall it is celebrated in a smaller scale compared to in Malaysia and Thailand. As the festival nears, various retail outlets and markets would be selling mooncakes. As of now, 7 Eleven have already started selling mooncakes in their outlets. The pictures below are of [...]

Auspicious Cakes/Pastries during CNY

Chinese New Year is celebrated by Thai Chinese. However it is not as elaborate as the CNY celebration in neighboring countries of Malaysia and Singapore. Recalling last year, there was a huge festivity mood in Thailand, with elaborate decorations in Bangkok’s Yaowarat (Chinatown) and shopping complexes selling various items in preparation of CNY. Chinatown was [...]

Chinese New Year festive mood in Thailand

In Thailand, the place that is most alive with festive mood would be the Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat). At night, it is beautifully lighted with various street vendors selling CNY decorations and food: As you head towards the outer towns, the festivity is less elaborate and celebrated by the Thai Chinese in a lower scale. There [...]

Halloween Decoration Supplies in Thailand

While Halloween is a known festival which is widely celebrated in the West, it is not a really widely celebrated in Thailand. I noticed shopping complexes would not do elaborate decorations featuring the popular Halloween themes like ghouls, witches, pumpkins, bats, etc. The individual stores also do not seemed to have much of the decorations. [...]

Christmas decoration at Central Plaza

Central Plaza Christmas decorations

Towards year end, there would be a festive mood all around as the shopping complexes would carry beautiful Christmas decorations. For me, I like to visit bookstores hence I am expect to find one at Central Plaza. Most of their stores also have Robinson and large chain outlets. There are many Central Plaza malls located [...]