Food and Drinks

Is the tap water in Thailand safe to drink?

The answer is NO. I have stayed in Thailand for a few years. And for more than 10 years prior to this, I have been travelling to Thailand, staying at various regions and places across Thailand. So regardless of whether you are in Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai or any other towns, do NOT [...]

7 Eleven- delicious freshly baked bread and pastries

In certain 7 Eleven outlets, they would feature freshly made Thai dishes with rice as well as freshly baked bread and pastries. Usually the outlet also serve freshly made coffee. I have always been impressed with the ingenuity and variety of items available in 7 Eleven. They constantly evolve to offer more food and products [...]

Keropok lekor (fried fish paste fritters) in Thailand

Keropok lekor Thailand style

I was visiting a local market and saw that they sell fried fish paste fritters, similar to keropok lekor in Malaysia. The fried fish paste fritters are dipped in chili sauce. I missed it so much and could practically eat up the entire plate below: And what do you know, the frozen section in Makro [...]

MK Restaurant in Thailand

MK Restaurant Thailand

When we have overseas visitors especially from Singapore and Malaysia, we would almost always take them to MK Restaurant. And so far, the feedback has been positive from guests as according to them, the ingredients are fresh and delicious. I have been told that there are MK restaurants in Singapore too but it is very [...]

Fire Bear Bubble Tea in Thailand- delicious and affordable

There are many different brands selling bubble tea in Thailand. The next time you are confused with which brand that tastes nice, I would recommend the Fire Bear brand. Fire Bear is one of the brand of bubble tea franchise in Thailand. The pricing of one cup of bubble tea starts from 25 baht (without [...]

Thai mango- ever seen purple and pink mangoes?

Thailand is well known for its delicious mangoes. Thai mangoes are now in season with mangoes ripening on trees, ready to be plucked. The Thai mangoes can be eaten when it is unripe (dipped with fruit sauce), half ripe and fully ripen. Personally I prefer the half ripe mangoes. I love it because it is [...]

Visiting the local wet markets near your area

Almost every nook and cranny in Thailand, it would be easy to find a wet market around. Some of the wet markets are at certain fixed locations while some are available on certain days/time. Some markets have a huge variety of food while some go by with about 10 stalls or so. If you are [...]

Homemade sticky rice/ khao niao

Sticky rice is eaten as a staple meal, sometimes replacing rice in many rural households. Basically eating sticky rice keeps a person full for longer periods and for farmers and hard labor workers, they need energy sustenance for longer periods with lower cost and sticky rice is often the answer for them. Sticky rice is [...]

Common Som Tum (Papaya Salad) and its variations

Som tum home made

Som tum ส้มตำ (papaya salad) is a very popular dish in Thailand. There are a number of variations of som tum depending on the usage of ingredients and sauce. Being quite a common and staple dish, homes in Thailand would usually stock up all the required ingredients to make som tum. The main ingredient of [...]

Thai Vegetarian festival- abundance of vegetarian food supplies

About 9 days each year, some Thai people would be observing a vegetarian diet. This is for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival which is also observed and celebrated in Malaysia and Singapore. In year 2020, the date occurs from 17 October to 25 October. During this period, you can find vegetarian food in abundance all [...]