Buddhist Observance Dates (Uposatha days) for 2022 (Thai year 2565)

Introduction on Buddhist Observation Days The Observance Days are based on the traditional Buddhist calendar of new, full and quarter moons. During new and full moon days, or Uposatha Days, monks would gather to listen to the recitation of the Patimokkha rules. The weekly observance of the quarter moon is when lay devotees gather in [...]

Favorable colors based on your DAY of birth

The following information is obtained from a book written in Thailand. In Thailand, a lot of emphasis is placed on the day of birth (ie Monday, Tuesday, etc). Below is favourable and not so good colours based on the day of the week that you are born in. I would not be surprised that you [...]

Songkran Water Splashing Festival being canceled

According to the Thaiger website, the annual water splashing activities would be halted this year for Songkran 2021 (view source). The water splashing festival as per above is not allowed this year However the people can still perform religious activities such as pouring water over Buddha statues: Pouring water over Buddha statues is allowed for [...]

Calendar 2021 now available online

You can now purchase calendar for 2021 via online from websites such as Shopee TH. These are generic calendars as the local Thai calendars are not yet available. The Thai based calendars (ie with Thai wordings and holidays) would be available later and I would update this page again once I see the stocks being [...]

Chinese Calendars sold at 7 Eleven outlets

calendar 7 Eleven Thailand

Actually this is the first year I have ever seen 7 Eleven selling calendars..tucked at the place where magazines are being placed. Usually each year I would need to source for my calendars from bookstores such as B2S, Naiin or SE-ED. I don’t think all the 7Eleven stores sells them – perhaps only their larger [...]

Corona virus- acute shortage of surgical masks and hand sanitizers

Thailand corona virus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has affected Thailand and taken a heavy toll especially in its tourism industry. Popular tourist spots like Hua Hin, Phuket and Chinatown are relatively deserted. Few days ago, we travelled down to Bangkok city to try to purchase surgical masks and hand sanitizers in bulk. However even the biggest suppliers of pharmaceutical [...]

Traffic, Regulatory, Road Signs in Thailand

Road and traffic signs in Thailand

Road signs are quite standard all over the world. However, each country will have its exception which may differ from the country where you are coming from. Below are 3 different types of common signs and road type that you would see in Thailand. You may click on the road sign image to enlarge the [...]

What you need to know when driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand

In this article, I would share my experience of driving around in Thailand. In the beginning, it is a little unnerving but after a while, it gets easier once I figure out how things work around here. Preparation before coming Before I came to Thailand, I applied for an international driving license with my country [...]

Getting a postpaid mobile line in Thailand

Thai postpaid mobile plan

If you are planning to visit Thailand for a short duration, you would usually get yourself a prepaid mobile data plan. Upon arrival at the airport, do visit the booth of AIS, True and DTAC where you can select a mobile plan that may best suit your needs. There are plans that cater for 4, [...]

Western Union is available at Robinson’s Customer Service section

Western Union service in Robinson

If you need to send or receive money via Western Union, you may try to approach the customer service country at Robinson Departmental store. I find a number of Robinson departmental store available in Central Plaza shopping complexes which can be found in many places in Thailand. The customer service counters are usually found in [...]