How to Get Sim Cards/International Call cards in Thailand

I have been travelling actively since 2005, especially to Thailand. Previously, whenever I was overseas, I put my Malaysian phone on roaming. And the phone bill used to cost me a bomb. In the past when I took leave and visit Thailand, between 9 to 16 days per visit, my local phone bill used to [...]


Do and Don’ts When Visiting Thailand

The simple guidelines below is taken from an old information board issued by the Tourist Authority of Thailand, pertaining the do and don’ts. These guidelines are similar in most Asia countries: Do display polite behavior in places of worship Don’t climb upon the Buddha image to take a photograph or do anything that might show [...]


Data plan in Thailand for tourist

During my recent trip to Bangkok, I opted for data plan from AIS. I got the plan directly from AIS booth located in Suvarnabhumi airport. The rate was as follows: 350 baht for 300MB of data plan including free call/sms of 87 baht. The copy also provide the tired rate as follows: – for 550baht [...]

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