Visiting the local wet markets near your area

Almost every nook and cranny in Thailand, it would be easy to find a wet market around. Some of the wet markets are at certain fixed locations while some are available on certain days/time. Some markets have a huge variety of food while some go by with about 10 stalls or so. If you are [...]

Various types of dogs in Thailand- pampered pets, street, village, etc

Pets dogs in Thailand

In many businesses in Thailand, don’t be surprised to see cute and well groomed pet dogs (often miniature dogs like Shitzu) accompanying their owners at business establishments….even though the business has nothing to do with pets: Above: This cute little doggie sits contentedly at a hardware machinery shop at a peaceful town in Ngao, Northern [...]

Lockdown in Thailand and news

There are currently 5 provinces on lockdown in Thailand due to the surge of covid-19 cases. There are Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Samut Sakhon and Trat. There have been reports that people with IC indicating they are from Samut Sakhon were denied boarding for flights and buses. So, for those from these provinces would need [...]

Thailand Mother’s Day 12 August – appreciating out mothers

12 August is a public holiday in Thailand in conjunction with the birthday of the Queen Mother, Queen Sirikit, considered to the Mother of all Thai people. Hence Thai people considered 12 August to be Mother’s Day instead of a Sunday in May. One aspect I have always admired about the Thai people is their [...]

Peaceful Ngao, a small district in Northern Thailand

Ngao Thailand

Ngao is a small district located in Lampang province in Northern Thailand. I’ve visited Ngao a few times when I stayed in Northern Thailand. You can turn into this small little town if you are travelling from Central towards the direction of Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. Basically Ngao is a very small amphor with [...]

Life in Thailand during Covid19

Like the rest of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the economy of Thailand. The tourism sector takes a big hit,  along with all related industries and retail. Prior to the announcement of lockdown whereby interstate travelling was to be banned (March 2020), many made a rush back to their hometowns since jobs [...]

Cute pets that are dressed up and bought to work

In Thailand, you often see small businesses bring their adorable pets to work. It’s usually the cute little miniature doggies that instantly uplift one’s mood with its cuteness and serves as a good conversation topic between customers and the owners. The dogs are usually well groomed and so mini that they could occupy a small [...]

What a simple life by the river

This photo was taken in Bangkok at Budcha area: Even till today, there are still people who live by the river and conduct their daily commute, business of selling items via boats by the river. In the evening, you would see and hear the sounds of happy carefree children from various homes along the river [...]