A&W fastfood menu in Thailand

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu

A&W is famous for their iconic rootbeer float. In Thailand, A&W sells burgers, fried chicken and incorporating dishes with the local Thai flavour in their offers. Note: The menu below is taken as of October 2019 (please click on the menu to enlarge): The set menu below consists of the main combo set of burger, [...]

Mikucha- delicious bubble tea and menu

Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

Like many Malaysians, I love the bubble milk tea. When I came across the Mikucha bubble tea, I decided to give it a try. Below is the menu (you may click in the menu to enlarge to view the items and pricing):  They have interesting variety of tea-  green tea, red tea, milk tea and [...]

Common Thai dishes that goes with rice

I am grateful to food courts like BigC that provides a clear label on their food and dishes – with pronunciation to make it easier for us to order food. Here are some common Thai dishes that goes with rice- hopefully this post will help you when it comes to ordering your favourite dishes in [...]

McDonalds Delivery Service Menu in Thailand

McDonalds do provide 24 hours delivery service to selected areas in Thailand. The number to call is 1711. You may view the brochure below as of June 2019 (click on the brochure image to enlarge):     I am not sure in Thailand but in Malaysia, the delivery service offered by fast food chains like [...]