Common Thai Soup Dishes

Here are some common Thai soup dishes with the Thai pronunciation: Kang Jaud Tauhu Moo Sub (แกงจืดเต้าหู้หมูสับ): Clear Soup with tofu and minced pork Kang Pa Pra Duk (แกงป่าปลาดุก): Jungle curry with cat fish (pra duk= cat fish). I do take the jungle curry but we usually have with either chicken or pork and not [...]

MK Restaurant in Thailand

MK Restaurant Thailand

When we have overseas visitors especially from Singapore and Malaysia, we would almost always take them to MK Restaurant. And so far, the feedback has been positive from guests as according to them, the ingredients are fresh and delicious. I have been told that there are MK restaurants in Singapore too but it is very [...]

Fire Bear Bubble Tea in Thailand- delicious and affordable

There are many different brands selling bubble tea in Thailand. The next time you are confused with which brand that tastes nice, I would recommend the Fire Bear brand. Fire Bear is one of the brand of bubble tea franchise in Thailand. The pricing of one cup of bubble tea starts from 25 baht (without [...]

Bar-B-Q Plaza in Thailand

BAR-B-Q Plaza in Thailand

I was introduced to Bar-B-Q Plaza by my host while staying in Thailand. In Malaysia and Singapore, there are similar themed outlets but the price is much more expensive. You would be surprised at the price that you need to pay- if you come in a group of 10 people and order lots of meat, [...]

Delicious kway chap in Bangkok Chinatown (Nai Eik Roll Noodle)

If you are visiting Bangkok’s Yaowarat (Chinatown), there is shop there that is most famous for their kway chap called Nai Eik Roll Noodle. They are also famous for their crispy pork, char siu and braised pork that goes with the kway chap noodles or served with rice. I have been to the shop a [...]

Took Lae Dee- 24hrs restaurant near Don Meung airport

Took Lae Dee ถูกและดี in Bangkok

One day as we have guests who arrived about 9pm, we took them to a Took Lae Dee  ถูกและดี  outlet located not far from the Don Meung airport in Bangkok (not within walking distance though.. you need to take cab). The special thing about this restaurant is that it is opened 24 hours a day. [...]

A&W fastfood menu in Thailand

A&W Restaurants Thailand Menu

A&W is famous for their iconic rootbeer float. In Thailand, A&W sells burgers, fried chicken and incorporating dishes with the local Thai flavour in their offers. Note: The menu below is taken as of October 2019 (please click on the menu to enlarge): The set menu below consists of the main combo set of burger, [...]

Mikucha- delicious bubble tea and menu

Mikucha Bubble Tea Thai

Like many Malaysians, I love the bubble milk tea. When I came across the Mikucha bubble tea, I decided to give it a try. Below is the menu (you may click in the menu to enlarge to view the items and pricing):  They have interesting variety of tea-  green tea, red tea, milk tea and [...]

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts menu and pricing in Thailand

In Thailand, there are about over 30 Krispy Kreme doughnuts outlets in Thailand, mostly at the region of Bangkok and 2 in Korat. As of June 2019, Krispy Kreme have the following flavours:   Original glazed Chocolate iced custard filled Sugar doughnut Powder strawberry filled Dark chocolate Peanut butter stripes Chocolate iced with sprinkles Caramel [...]

Common Thai dishes that goes with rice

I am grateful to food courts like BigC that provides a clear label on their food and dishes – with pronunciation to make it easier for us to order food. Here are some common Thai dishes that goes with rice- hopefully this post will help you when it comes to ordering your favourite dishes in [...]