Phayao พะเยา

Phayao lake- well known for grilled fish

When you are visiting the Phayao lake, opposite Wat Tilok Aram (วัดติโลกอาราม), you would see a number of restaurants facing the scenic lake: Most of these restaurants serve various order-to-cook dishes. But they are also known for grilled fish: The grilled fish is delicious and the price is reasonable. However, it is better to go [...]

Snapshots of Phayao พะเยา province in Thailand

Phayao พะเยา is located on the northern side of Thailand. Usually you will pass by this quiet town on your way to Chiang Rai or the Myanmar border. This is on the way arriving to the intersection of Phayao town. Folks from nearby villages will come to Phayao to do shopping and get supplies as there [...]