Thailand is really a shopping haven:

Cute Stationery, Gifts and Planner Shops in Bangkok

There are many small gift and stationery shops located in Thailand that is a real inspiration to visit. One such shop is known as Say Hi 20, a small shop tucked in busy backlane filled with shops near Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok (it is the lane located behind Diamond Pharmacy). Below are post it and [...]

Buy prepacked food seasoning of your favourite Thai dishes

If there are any dishes that you love in Thailand, you can consider buying their prepacked food seasonings back home. They have seasonings for a large number of their dishes such as fried noodles/fried rice, green curry, khao mu (pork knuckle), char siew, marinated chicken sauce, etc. If you know you are going to miss [...]

Cute pet products like clothings and cute accessories from Global House

Cute clothings for dogs and pet products

From the previous article, we can see many pampered dogs are being kept by Thais. And sometimes we may wonder where to get these cute and adorable pet accessories. Usually these items can be found in various pet shops located along shoplots or shopping mall. However, I have also discovered that Global House, a large [...]

Daiso Thailand- cute stationeries, organizational tools and everyday knick knacks

Daiso has always been one of my favourite stores to visit. In Daiso, you can selection of all kinds of items ranging from stationery, kitchenware, laundry items, food and drinks from Japan, decorations, gifts, soft toys, party items, stickers, gardening….anything and everything that can enhance or come in handy. In Thailand, most items in Daiso [...]

Creative Thai planners- price as low as 30 baht

Aside from calendars, the planners in Thailand comes in various designs. I was able to get my hands to a copy of it recently from a B2S bookstore. I got the one in purple below which cost me only 30 baht (less than USD1). It usually cost about 50 baht if I am not mistaken [...]

Beautiful Thai calendars available at bookstores

I always look forward to the end of the year to view the latest collection of Thai calendars that are on sale at bookstores. Below, are some calendars that are on sale at SE-Ed bookstores: The above consist of calendars and planners. While below is more selection of calendars. Thai Feng Shui calendar Maybe such [...]

Creative and beautiful tile designs

There are huge warehouse outlets in Thailand such as HomePro, DoHome, Watsadu and Global that sells a wide variety of household items and building materials that you can utilize if you wish to build your own house or perform your own renovation. You can find almost anything that you need from these companies which occupies [...]

Crocs Stores in Thailand

Crocs outlets are available in many shopping complexes in Thailand. They may be located within the shoes section of Central Department stores or as individual boutique stores. Above is an individual Crocs boutique store. Above: A section featuring products from Crocs located within Robinson departmental store. Crocs outlets in Thailand: Croc’s Shop, Central World, 3rd [...]

20 baht stores- most items for only 20baht

Nowadays I am seeing more and more 20 baht stores. Where most (but not all) items are being sold for just merely 20 baht. These shops are mostly non air conditioned and located outside the premise of BigC and Lotus. That’s cheap considering items at Daiso and Komonoya cost mostly 60 baht each. In the [...]

The beautiful lotus plant and the significance of lotus

Lotus flower sold in market

The lotus flower have a significant symbolism in Buddhism. In a muddy lake, the lotus flower rises above the impurities and dirt to bloom into a beautiful flower. Therefore, regardless of who we are, we have the capacity to rise above our challenges and limitations. Above are lotus plant being sold in the Don Wai [...]