HomePro Thailand -creative tiles design

HomePro tiles

I like that one is able to change a concept of a place through the usage of tiles. Tiles with creative designs can be part of the interior decoration aside from getting a painting. Tiles are easy to clean and they are durable. If you visit large DIY and building materials supplier like HomePro, you [...]

Creative and beautiful tile designs

There are huge warehouse outlets in Thailand such as HomePro, DoHome, Watsadu and Global that sells a wide variety of household items and building materials that you can utilize if you wish to build your own house or perform your own renovation. You can find almost anything that you need from these companies which occupies [...]

Art Gallery of Vinit Jittana (talented and generous artist)

Vinit Jittana the artist in Amphawa floating market

Tucked along one of the sidelanes of the Amphawa floating market facing the river there is an art gallery by the artist Vinit Jittana. The artist himself was painting in the gallery when we entered the gallery. He looked up as I was about to take his photo, gave me a smile and continued on [...]

HomePro Thailand- supplies for home building, renovation, DIY, furnishing, electrical

HomePro Thailand

If you are into building, home improvement projects such as fixing things around the house, doing renovations, starting your DIY projects, gardening… you can find almost all the supplies you need from huge warehouse stores like HomePro. Even if you are the normal consumer who is looking to purchase household items such as furniture, electrical [...]

Almbowl making near Wat Saket

In Bangkok located near one of the entrances to Wat Saket, you can see craftsmen engrossed in making almsbound- forming the shape in the steel bowl by knocking as well as putting on the finishing touches. There is a website stated there called Almsbowl is used by a monk for morning almsround. Early in [...]

Inside a ceramic and pottery making factory in Thailand

Here is a short video that I’ve taken from a factory located somewhere in Bangkok. If you ask me know, I have no idea how to go there. I only know that we got on a tour boat at Parkkred Pier and the boatman made a few stops along different piers and one of them [...]

Inside a Buddha statue workshop

Thailand produces some of the most magnificent Buddha statues that I’ve ever seen. The craftsmanship is truly excellent. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to visit a place that we can see how Buddha statues are being made. The place is located in Northern Thailand A lot of work has to be done. Example, the Buddha [...]