Thai Language

Keyboard with Thai alphabets

When I am attempting to learn Thai, I had always wanted a physical keyboard that carries the Thai characters on them. To get purchase this type of keyboard, the best is to buy it on your next trip to Thailand or to ask a favour from your friend who is going there to help buy [...]

Mobile phone with Thai alphabets

Note: Post below was originally published in year 2013. Today, most people who are using Smartphones (Android and iPhone) can easily enable Thai language in which you can select in your phone’s virtual keypad. However for any reason you are not using Smartphones and prefer the old fashioned phone, then the phone model Nokia Asha [...]

Good Thai dictionary and phasebook at reasonable price

The most inexpensive place to buy Thai dictionaries and phasebooks are in Thailand itself. Not only that, but you can get a good variety of these books. These books are sold at a fixed price like 350 baht for an excellent dictionary. Most are priced lower than that. If you have a basic understanding of [...]

How to read Thai vowels- with writing and video

Thai language contains many vowels (far more than English) that makes the pronounciation a little challenging. Thankfully I’ve managed to record the video of a visiting Thai teacher who taught us the Thai language to aid you to learn to read the vowels. First, the picture of the vowels (as taken from the poster in [...]

Learn Thai language through listening to Thai songs with English lyrics

YouTube have some great resource to enable those who have some basic knowledge in Thai vocabulary to further improve Thai conversation skills. Example are some songs listed here- Some I managed to find the translation. Thai Songs Bird Thongchai (เบิร์ด ธงไชย): Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย (Easy Easy) (translation), Koo Gud (Lovers Quarrel- the song by Grasshopper [...]

Fun way to learn Thai language

For non Thai native speakers who are serious in learning the Thai language, my best advice is to learn how to read and write Thai first. Few years ago, I bought a book that also mentioned the same thing. Why is it so is because if you do not know the language, you need to spell [...]

Mobile Phone Keypad SMS in Thai language (non Smartphones)

With Smartphones, you need not worry about figuring out the mobile keypad. However the info below is still applicable if you are using old fashioned Nokia, Sony…. ie the non Smartphones phones. The post below was Here are the mobile phone keypad in Thai alphabets codes- useful when you need to send sms and not [...]

Where to get good books to learn Thai and dictionary

Having lived in Thailand for sometime, I find the best books that teaches us about the Thai language and good Thai dictionaries can be found in the following places: Hualampong train station in Bangkok (there are a few bookstore near the waiting area- good Thai language books are available there) Some bookstores that also sell [...]

How to order food when you can’t speak Thai

When I first started to travel to Thailand alone, ordering food was a challenge- probably because I was a new and shy traveller. Years ago, before the airport shifted from Don Meung to Suvarnabhumi airport, I arrived Bangkok alone before transiting to other towns. And I seldom ate from Don Meung because I found the [...]