Uthai Thani อุทัยธานี

Wat Tha Sung Uthai Thani วัดท่าซุงอุทัยธานี

Wat Chan Tharam (Wat Tha Soong) วัดจันทารามหรือวัดท่าซุง is located in Uthai Thani. History background of Wat Tha Sung Wat Tha Sung was build before Ayutthaya (1350-1767) by 30 years. It was since 1320 (over 600 years). Build in Ayutthaya period with only a small temple on the ground, a later restoration took place with many interesting [...]

Uthai Thani อุทัยธานี attractions

Uthai Thani (อุทัยธานี) occupies a total area of 6,730 square kms. The geographical location is covered with forests and high mountains ranges. Recent excavations indicates that this area was inhabited by prehistoric people during Davaravati period. Attractions and places of interest in Uthai Thani: 1. Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary (86kms) Bus route 2229 This [...]