Chiang Mai Royal Flora Festival


Below are photos of Chiang Mai Royal Flora Ratchaphruek ราชพฤกษ์ จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 2011. Such event is not to be missed….when I attended in 2011, I was not particularly interested in landscape and gardens and yet I was totally captivated by the whole set up and arrangement. Really magnificent.

Years down the line, I have taken up a little interest in growing flowers and if I could attend it would really be really inspiring.

Article written in 2011 with photos:

In December 2011, I’ve visited the Royal Ratchaphruek 2011 held in Chiang Mai. For foreigners, the minimal cost is 200 baht- but it is worth your while- the entire area is seriously huge and going around would take an entire day.

Chiang Mai Royal Flora Festival


There are various companies participating on this Royal Flora festival- displaying beautiful decoration and themes such as:

  • Thailand government agencies like the Rice Department, Ayudhaya Province, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, etc
  • Countries around the world: Iran, Morocco, Sudan, South Africa, Pakistan, South Korea, Laos, India, Nepal, Cambodia, China, Kenya, Bhutan, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan
  • Companies like Toyota, Air Asia, Muang Thai Life Assurance, Krung Thai bank
  • Gardens of various themes: Lily, Orchids, Pine, Flower Carpet, Sky walk, Vineyard, Tropica Dome, Soilless Greenhouse, Lotus pond, House of Mulberry, Herb Pavilion, House of Northern/ Southern/ Northeastern/Central

Opening time: 9am to 9pm (weekends and public holiday is until 10pm)

Tel: 02-610 2011, website:

There are sufficient washrooms available at various check points. There are internal foodcourt and internal transportation- by paying 30baht, 50 baht or 80 baht per person you have a choice of travelling in the transportation vehicles (the more you pay, the smaller the vehicle). It would stop you at various points in which you can walk around and then later catch the next one (you only pay once and can utilize the transport the entire day).

Watch The Miracle of Greenitude- available at 7pm at night- it is a light show by the lake with special effects and end with fireworks.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, comfortable clothings, wear sunshade and have water with you if you want to fully explore the area.

The Royal Flora Festival would be available till 13 March 2012.

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