Chinese Calendars sold at 7 Eleven outlets

Actually this is the first year I have ever seen 7 Eleven selling calendars..tucked at the place where magazines are being placed. Usually each year I would need to source for my calendars from bookstores such as B2S, Naiin or SE-ED. I don’t think all the 7Eleven stores sells them – perhaps only their larger stores do.

There are 2 types of calendars that I see. Both types are the Chinese based calendar. The first one below is the calendar with the Thai words, public holidays as well as dates in the Chinese lunar month with Chinese words:

calendar 7 Eleven Thailand


calendars 7 Eleven

Below is a daily Chinese calendar. This type is the old fashioned one where one tears out the date each day. It would contain both the Thai and Chinese observance dates.

Calendar 7 Eleven

It is interesting the seasonal items that can be found in 7Eleven.

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