Chinese New Year festive mood in Thailand

In Thailand, the place that is most alive with festive mood would be the Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowarat). At night, it is beautifully lighted with various street vendors selling CNY decorations and food:

CNY in Bangkok Chinatown

As you head towards the outer towns, the festivity is less elaborate and celebrated by the Thai Chinese in a lower scale. There would be stores that sells beautiful CNY clothings such as blouses and cheongsam:

CNY clothing in Thailand

Note: I have seen a few stores selling colourful CNY clothings like above in Yaowarat. However the picture above is taken in a smaller town in the Bangkok outskirts where there are a number of Thai Chinese residing there.

Heading to a Tesco Lotus outlet, bright red colour TShirts are being sold together with some attire for children.

Chinese New Year in Thailand

2020 (Thai year 2563) is the year of the Rat according to the animal zodiac sign. Some Tshirts carries the Mickey Mouse theme….

Chinese New Year in Thailand

As the festive nears, Mandarin oranges are being sold in Tesco:

Mandarin oranges in Thailand

As well as prayer cakes (fatt kuey) and prayer items:

Prayer items for CNY

I do notice that Nescafe comes up with some interesting design packing for Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year in ThailandThere are about 7 design themes being used.

Chinese New Year Nescafe Thailand

We managed to visit Suika’s HQ boutique which is quite a popular clothing chain with the brand name tangmo (meaning watermelon in Thai). They are located not far from Don Wai floating market. If you are visiting Don Wai, I highly advice you to drop by at this store- the design comes with every colour tone of good quality.

Chinese New Year clothes in TangMo (Suika)

Below are the Year of the Rat inspired design by Tangmo (website:, facebook page:

Chinese New Year clothes in TangMo (Suika)

Below are traditional biscuits which are used in the Thai community to be offered during prayers, special events or visiting a respected person (example the most senior person in the family).

Chinese New Year offering cakes

These biscuits come in red boxes. A number of these traditional biscuits can be found in Don Wai floating market.

Chinese New Year offering cakes

Come to think of it, if you happen to visit before Chinese New Year or will be back by Chinese New Year, you may want to buy some fresh cashew nuts from Don Wai which would make very good door gifts. Their cashew nuts come with a variety of flavours- coated in caramel, sesame or just plain.

Cashew nuts in Don Wai

The cashew nuts from Don Wai are really very fresh because the nuts are freshly roasted here.

Cashew nuts in Don Wai

If you visit the market area, shops selling prayer items would have the CNY theme offerings:

CNY prayer items

Not really elaborate but some shops does sell CNY decorations example a shop here located in the market.

CNY decorations

If you are visiting Thailand during the CNY festive holidays, welcome here!

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